Your feet’s too big

Daily Create 1180 asked us to create a soundmap of our town. Instead of following the prompt as written, I picked one moment in my day – walking home in the early afternoon from a Krudas Cubensi concert at Kenyon College.

It was early April – the trees were starting to bud, and you can hear a light spring breeze blowing through the microphone at places. The birds have returned, and you can hear them chattering at each other. But it’s too early for the hum of lawnmowers, not warm enough yet for the drone of air conditioners. Gambier is a rural town; I think in the 6 minute walk you’ll hear 3 cars go by.

You’ll also hear my feet. Boy, will you hear my feet. I really thought I was holding my iPhone high enough to not get so much of that noise, but apparently not. So, there’s an excuse to learn something new – I opened up the graphic equalizer in GarageBand, turned on the analyzer so I could see where the frequencies of my footfalls lay, and turned those ranges down. They’re still prominent – it is a walk, after all – but I don’t think they’re as dominant as they were in the original.

This is my walk to work. I’ve probably taken it more than 4,000 times. But I usually take it with my headphones on and music or a podcast going, so I miss these sounds – which means I miss the chance to contemplate the seasons and the neighborhood. I appreciate TDC reminding me that there is value in taking a walk just to listen.

2 thoughts on “Your feet’s too big”

  1. I like your feet sounds!

    Did you consider dropping into Audacity and amplifying or editing?

    you have a great track here for the purpose and also as a Foley sound for other creations.

    Love the NPR clip as background!

    1. Thanks, Kathy! I did a little editing in GarageBand. I find it less powerful but easier to use than Audacity… although Apple’s need to make significant changes to the interface with every release has me questioning that preference. I’m sure I could have taken it down even more, but this was my first attempt with the graphic equalizer and I didn’t like the overall sound palette when I took the footstep range much further down.

      The “This I Believe” series is wonderful; they also rereleased some of the original series Edgar R. Murrow conducted in the ’50s.

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